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Osteopathy for Baby and Mum
Pregnancy and child birth bring challenges for baby and mum. Osteopathy helps mum feel at her best, and gently helps your baby recover and thrive after birth.
Mum & Baby Treatment In Fulham at Fulham Osteopaths

A Brief Overview

Giving birth is a life changing experience, even if it's not your first child.

Your body is undergoing rapid changes which can uncover any pre-existing issues and stresses with the pelvis and lower back. Baby is also going through rapid change which can cause problems with sleeping and eating.

Leaving these issues unresolved can prevent mum having proper rest due to pain and discomfort, leading to exhaustion. Similarly, baby can be restless and uncomfortable with poor sleeping patterns and unable to develop comfortably.

Mum can be helped through pregnancy and afterwards so they can return to full health and be ready for they joy of motherhood. Baby will be gently treated with a Cranial Osteopathy which yields amazing results in their development.

For over 30 years, Fulham Osteopaths have been a leading clinic in the UK for the treatment of pre and post natal mothers and their new born babies. Call our reception team to make an appointment, and under the watchful eye of Melinda Cotton, she and her hand selected team will do all they can to help make motherhood a less stressful and a more rewarding experience. 

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