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Sciatica Treatment in Fulham | Fulham Osteopath

Common Causes Of Sciatica

Untreated, Sciatica can lead to severe lower back pain travelling all the way down your leg. Lifestyle and posture can leave your back prone to this painful injury, the infamous “pain into the leg from a trapped nerve”. The main causes include:
Lifting something awkwardly, or unexpectedly heavy
Working on screens, with perhaps less than ideal setup for sitting
Falls on to your bottom or tail bone
Gradual micro injuries from work or sport

Sciatica Explained In Plain English

Sciatica, pain down the leg from the buttock or back, happens when a nerve from your lower back is pinched by an injury or joint strain.

It varies from a dull ache that comes and goes to shooting pain all the way down to the foot.

Sometimes with rest and time things improve, but more often the problem doesn’t get 100% better and feels stiff, painful or vulnerable. This means you are stuck, afraid of getting back to normal activities. This is when a professional opinion and treatment is really helpful.

Untreated, these pains can go from short easy to fix problems, to long term and harder to fix problems. Nobody likes taking pain killers or contemplating surgery. It’s important to choose a treatment which is safe, effective and proven thousands of times over all over the world. We would always recommend a course of treatment before contemplating long term medication or surgery, and evidence in research shows 90% of people are very satisfied with their improvement after only six treatments.

What Are The Major Causes Of Sciatica?

Everybody knows about the common causes of Sciatica such as lifting or bending forwards.. Let’s dive in a little deeper looking at what goes wrong with your Sciatic Nerve.

Locked Back

Also known as facet lock, this is where one of the small joints at the bottom of your back gets strained, and the swelling and spasm affects the Sciatic Nerve as it passes by in a small, vulnerable tunnel.

Slipped Disc

Inside your back are a series of shock absorbers filled with jelly. If you put too much load on them, or wear them out with too much sitting or lifting, the jelly squeezes onto the nerve, a ‘trapped nerve”.

Inflammation in the back and Arthritis

Wear and tear can give you swelling next to your nerve. This can irritate it, giving pain into the leg as that is where that nerve goes.

With age or a history of neck injury, the joints and muscles can end up a bit sorry for themselves. A lot of our work is getting the neck back to 100% by careful and steady treatment to safely reverse the effects of time.

Piriformis Syndrome

The Sciatic nerve in some people passes through a muscle in the buttock as it passes down into your leg. Spasm or injury here gives you Sciatica, usually with no back pain as your back is actually ok.

How Does An Osteopath Treat Sciatica?

An Osteopath will only use their hands and brain to skilfully and logically assess your symptoms. We train for many years to feel what is normal and what is in trouble, and Osteopathy is a fantastic method for getting your body back in tip-top shape again.

The Back is full of important and delicate structures, and it is important to choose a treatment from an expert you can trust to be both safe and effective. We train for many years to deeply understand Sciatica and how it affects you. We will respectfully, carefully and skilfully propose a treatment plan to get you back to normal again.

This means you can be well in a truly natural way, by, in the end, the miracle of your body healing itself.

And here's the best bit... By fixing the root cause of your problems, frequently people find that related issues that are connected also show drastic improvement, so you get help with all sorts of issues you didn’t even realise were connected. For example, many issues with Hip and Buttock pain actually come from your back.

We have written an informative Blog post about Sciatica, you can read it here.


Should I take painkillers for backpain?

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Should I take painkillers for backpain?

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Should I take painkillers for backpain?

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Patient Consultation
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Osteopath Reviews 

From clients benefiting from a better quality life

Highly recommend Fulham Osteopaths. I was suffering from hip pain for about 9 months and was convinced it was just a part of getting older. Valentina eliminated the pain after 2 sessions. I will definitely continue regularly to keep everything working right and pain free.
Leslie Palazzuoli
Leslie Palazzuoli
17:12 13 Jul 24
Best baby osteopath experience - my son has been seeing Melinda regularly since birth and she really is a baby whisperer and knows exactly how to optimise their bodies, couldn’t recommend enough!
Elnaz Namaki
Elnaz Namaki
19:13 09 Jul 24
Valentina is absolutely superb - I always leave feeling much more flexible and mobile, and with some top tips on how to get exercises into my day to day. Fabulous work thank you!
Gary, Windsor
Gary, Windsor
14:42 29 Jun 24
Melinda is the best you can get!! I went to see her after my scan showed my baby in breach position. Melinda put me at ease and the adjustments she made were totally pain free and relieved tightness in my back. Within 36 hours my baby turned… totally amazing. This may not work for everyone, but it’s worth a go … especially over the likely stress and pain that comes with the ECV hospital treatments.
Danielle T
Danielle T
20:45 20 May 24
I have visited Fulham osteopath three times and i feel much better from head to toes. Melinda helped me with my neck issues, my posture, my sciatica & a twisted ankle. I will definetely go back.She is beyond nice and welcoming!
Dina Khodr
Dina Khodr
14:41 10 May 24
Melinda Cotton is one of a kind, she reads and understands the body’s messages before manipulating you delicately.Her years of practice has not erased her enthusiasm; she is always up to date on the latest techniques and will welcome you with warmth and a radiant smile.
estelle Garcin
estelle Garcin
08:14 08 May 24
Andrew is very professional and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with his treatment and results achieved. Thank you very much!
19:45 27 Apr 24
I cannot speak highly enough of the service here. I came on the advice of a freind with a suspected frozen shoulder, which at the time was astonishingly painful. It turns out that it was likely a partially dislocated shoulder, and thanks to the brilliant analysis and help of Omer it is now on the mend. The help and advice was spot on, and I'll make a habit of coming with any muscular problem in the future.Put simply, if you have a problem this is the place to go. It is absolutely amazing.
Peter Kinsella
Peter Kinsella
16:18 05 Apr 24
My 8 month old daughter had treatment with Giulia at Fulham osteopath as she wasn’t meeting some milestones and we were a little concerned. Giulia was very welcoming and reassuring right from the beginning.When my daughter had her first treatment with Giulia, the next day she was able to meet that milestone as if nothing had happened, we were amazed at how quickly the treatment worked and we were really pleased to see that.Giulia recommended to have two more treatments for her and with those treatments things just got better for her in regards to meeting her milestones.We highly recommend Giulia for anyone who might be facing the same concerns for their little ones.
fatma Hassan
fatma Hassan
11:23 05 Apr 24
I have been treated by Verena Leo at Fulham Osteopaths in the last few months for a hip imbalance which causes complications such as trochanteric tendonitis and bursitis. But of course she looks at the skeleton as a whole. She has a very informed and gentle approach, which I like. She never rushes things, explains well and gives exercises to help further at home. I am pleased and have brought my teenage daughter, who has posture issues, to be treated by her too. Definitely recommended.
Rana Gediz Iren
Rana Gediz Iren
07:45 18 Mar 24

Ready to take action against Sciatica

Cotton- Meet the team
Melinda Cotton
Registered Osteopath DO MICO
We understand that taking the first steps in your wellness journey is always a big decision.

I'd just like to reassure you that every case is dealt with respectfully, transparently and with care.

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