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A herniated or slipped disc is painful & restrictive.
Get treatment that tackles the root cause of the problem on your first visit to give you permanent relief...

Common Causes Of A Herniated Disc

Sometimes referred to as a prolapsed or slipped disc, a herniated disc is when the cushion of soft tissue between the bones in our spine pushes out and places pressure on the nerves. Here's some common causes:
Gradual wear as a result of the ageing process (it can also be genetic).
Excess body weight places additional pressure on our discs.
Physically demanding jobs that put your back under greater strain.
Smoking can also contribute as it reduces the oxygen supply to the disc.

Herniated Disc In Plain English

Our spine is cushioned by discs that prevent our bones grinding against each other.

They have a rubbery exterior with a soft jelly like nucleus.

A herniated disc is when the some of the soft nucleus pushes through a tear or crack in the rubbery exterior.

If diagnosed by your GP, you will typically be advised to rest and take painkillers. 

What Are The Major Symptoms Of Herniated Discs?

Most herniated discs occur in the lower back although they can occur in the neck.

They usually affect one side of the body:

  • Arm or leg pain.
    A herniated disc in your lower back will result  in pain in the buttocks, thigh and calf and potentially travelling to the foot. 
    A herniated disc in the neck area will result in shoulder and arm pain.
    Sudden movements such as coughing or sneezing can result in pain described as sharp or burning.

  • Numbness or tingling.
    Radiating numbness or tingling can affect the body parts connected to the affected areas.

  • Weakness.
    Muscles served by the affected nerves are prone to weaken. This can lead to stumbling or lifting / holding things. 

How Does An Osteopath Treat A Herniated Disc?

An Osteopath will encourage repair by:

  • Identifying the problem disc(s).
  • Treating the spine to be optimally placed to enable healing.
  • Providing postural advice based on your body and the lifestyle you lead.
  • Advice on the use of hot and cold packs to aid healing.
  • Recommending exercises as staying as mobile as possible will be helpful.

There is no one sized fits all program for a herniated disc as each person is unique.

However, in most cases between 3 and 5 trips is sufficient to have you well on the road to recovery.

And here's the best bit... By fixing the root cause of your problems, frequently people find that related issues that are connected also show drastic improvement, so you get help with all sorts of issues you didn’t even realise were connected. For example, many issues with Hip and Buttock pain actually come from your back.


Should I take painkillers for backpain?

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Should I take painkillers for backpain?

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Should I take painkillers for backpain?

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What to expect when you come to see us
Patient Consultation
Treatment Time
Your initial visit will be 1hr and if required, your subsequent visits will be 30 mins.
Patient Consultation
No. Of Visits
Most people come for 3-5 visits which can be more or less depending on your needs.
Patient Consultation
Receive personalised exercises to help you get better quicker, reducing the number of required visits.

Osteopath Reviews 

From clients benefiting from a better quality life

I have hypermobile EDS made much worse by antenatal elastin and I could not have survived my pregnancy without Katie. I could barely walk for my first and was in a lot of pain but with Katie’s expertise I’ve been mobile and essentially pain free for this second pregnancy which for me is quite a miracle. Physiotherapy couldn’t help at all. Osteopathy has changed my life!
Nat Hollywood
Nat Hollywood
16:12 18 Aug 22
I have been a regular client for over 5 years and every therapist I have been treated by here was an excellent and knowledgeable osteopath. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice!
Sandra Vasiljevic Berset
Sandra Vasiljevic Berset
10:08 16 Aug 22
A very delayed review, but Katie was a life saver when I was struggling with very intense back spasms. The online booking form was very useful, Katie was friendly and happy to answer my questions in between appointments and sent me helpful stretches so I could help myself in my own time as well. Would definitely recommend.
Emily Stokes
Emily Stokes
14:33 02 Aug 22
Giulia is very knowledgeable about what she is doing and has helped me learn how to deal with ageing and my mobile knee! She is very gentle, at times I wonder if she has done anything and then realise the next day that she definitely has and am pleased with the evolving results.
Jennie Colunga
Jennie Colunga
13:56 02 Aug 22
I am seeing Giulia regularly since a few months ago and I can not recommend her enough. I had issues with my back, to that extent that I was constantly in a terrible pain for a long time, not been able to do anything I used to do. With Giulia's knowledge and I would say her magic hands, I almost completely recovered. I am now back to life, and can not thank her enough. It is all down to Giulia. I am so happy I found this clinic and this lovely lady, full of patience and understanding for clients, highly professional Giulia who knows her job so well.
08:58 28 Jul 22
Elyse at Fulham Osteopaths was recommended to me as I wanted someone who could sort my knee (I'd torn a tendon, arthritis and a lack of cartilage) . It was important that I had someone gentle who would encourage me to do the necessary exercises, rather than bully me into it. She is excellent - very knowledgeable, professional and has a very holistic approach. The exercises she has given me have helped considerably - I have started gently and then gradually built up. I can highly recommend her and have already asked her to help my son.
caroline clarke-jervoise
caroline clarke-jervoise
09:29 26 Jul 22
We have been to see Elyse for our baby a couple of times, she is very knowledgable and offers lots of useful advice. She is incredibly kind and gentle and was a joy to chat to while helping our little one. We’ve come away with lots of helpful tips on feeding and digestion.
Catherine C
Catherine C
14:12 25 Jul 22
We found this place just before our baby was born and we knew we wanted to take him there as soon as he was born. When booking an appointment the receptionist immediately suggested Katie as she was the “baby specialist”. We absolutely loved Katie and our little one was super relaxed after both appointments. I would suggest you take your newborn to see Katie as soon as, even if you do not haveany specific concerns! We realised so much has changed since both sessions, baby is so relaxed and happy. Thank you Katherine and the whole team .
Sofia Jacinto
Sofia Jacinto
11:11 21 Jul 22
Just simply the best!Katherine was absolutely the best when dealing with my 2 months old baby and my postpartum pain. After 2 magic sessions my pain in my hip and my leg disappeared completely. She has also worked on my posture and showed me some really useful exercises I can do at home. Katherine was really gentle with my baby, fun and easy. It seemed like my little boy really enjoyed it! Just after 2 sessions we saw some good results, baby could turn his head not only to the left but to the right as well (his preference was mostly to the left which flattened his head a bit on one side). Also his sleep was much improved, which can't be any better for us! Katherine was really caring, and even gave me a discount voucher! We cannot be more happier than that! It was a truly pleasant experience for me. The receptionists were really helpful too with sending me my requested invoices and finding the most flexible timings for me. I can really recommend Katherine in Fulham Osteopaths, you won't regret.
Viktoria Stelmakh
Viktoria Stelmakh
13:07 14 Jul 22
Thank you so much for your help!!! A few sessions with Katie gave me a new life🙏
dmitry kuranov
dmitry kuranov
08:24 09 Jul 22

Ready to take action against Herniated Disc

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We understand that taking the first steps in your wellness journey is always a big decision.

I'd just like to reassure you that every case is dealt with respectfully, transparently and with care.

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