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Katherine-Registered-Osteopath-Meet-The-TeamKatherine is an associate osteopath at Fulham Osteopaths with a passionate interest in providing the very best care for women, children and babies, helping to promote health throughout life. Having personal experience with paediatric illness, Katherine has been inspired since a young age to give back and help children live their best possible lives.

Katherine is skilled at finding and assessing areas within the body that may be blocking or stopping your ability to heal and feel better. With expert care and a clear understanding of the underlying causes of tension within the body, she is able to provide an effective treatment to unwind this tension and promote a positive change toward health. This allows for long term positive change within your body.

Katherine graduated with distinction from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine where she gained experience treating patients of all ages. She furthered her education at the Osteopath Centre for Children, where in that time she developed her skills in treating common conditions seen throughout childhood years, and gained experience treating patients of all ages.

If you want to learn more about osteopathy, or how it can help you or your little one, please give us a call today to book your consultation.


" I went to F. O. because of a knee pain, with slight inflammation and clicking. I
booked with Katherine. She was very thorough in the assessment, and my knees are
now back to their normal state. She also has a very friendly attitude that made me
comfortable. I am satisfied and have already booked for a future check-up

"Katherine the Paediatric Osteopath is brilliant. She has helped my 11 year old Son
with muscular aches & pains and his posture has improved a lot.

"I thoroughly recommend her & I'm going to see her next!"

"Katherine is an excellent osteopath. Her magic hands skilfully released the trapped
nerve in my neck and loosened my shoulders which immediately sorted out the pain
. I was in. I highly recommend her services."

"Saved from a life of neck pain and stiffness."

"Had a few sessions with the lovely Katherine, she was very quick to identify the
cause of the problem, how to deal with it and manage it."

"Would highly recommend a visit."

Fees - Osteopath
First Visit | 1 Hr | £88
Includes consultation & treatment.
Follow Up | 30 Min | £78
Treatment only.
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