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Verena-Meet-The-TeamElyse has always been inspired by the body and the way in which it responds to the different stresses and strains that it faces throughout life. Following this passion, she graduated from The University of Leeds with a First-class degree in Medical Science, which laid the foundations for a future career in healthcare.

Seeking out a more holistic and hands-on approach to treating a patient, Elyse then looked to Osteopathy, completing a Masters in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy in London. 

Elyse would describe herself as a general practice osteopath as she enjoys treating the whole family from expectant mums to children and the elderly. Elyse has worked closely with Melinda to develop her skills in treating babies. She believes that osteopathy can successfully restore a feeling of wellness to any person by supporting the body’s innate healing processes.

Elyse tailors her treatments to the individual person, in order to promote good health and prevent symptoms reoccurring. Similarly, Elyse uses a variety of techniques within treatment, guided by the patient and their unique needs. This may include soft-tissue work, joint mobilisation, gentle fascial techniques, and lifestyle or rehabilitation advice.

Growing up in London, Elyse has always been active and loves attending challenging walks and charity runs. She has a young family which has given her first-hand experience in the benefits of osteopathy for pregnancy, post-natal and little ones in their first few years of life.

Fees - Senior Osteopath
First Visit | 1 Hr | £93
Includes consultation & treatment.
Follow Up | 30 Min | £83
Treatment only.
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