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Theodosiou- Meet the teamPresently I enjoy treating all Family aches, pains and strains. I am in training with Melinda to treat Babies and small children, so I treat patients from 7 years old at the moment.

I understand that life can often be difficult, and it is easy to not pay attention to how are bodies are coping with the stresses of daily life. My goal as an osteopath is first to bring my patients out of pain and help them feel more comfortable in their bodies. I also aim to understand why it is this pain has started and work in partnership with my patients to integrate and alter daily habits that will aid them in the long term. Throughout my life, I have always been involved in sports like basketball and skiing.

My inspirations

Currently, I am training hard to improve my climbing and Jiu Jitsu, as I enjoy the great body awareness, precise movement and technique they require. All attributes of a great athlete but also a great osteopath.

I believe that feeling comfortable in your own body, even during simple things like sitting down for dinner is an extremely valuable thing to be able to do. As someone who because of their active lifestyle has felt constant aches and pains but has also experienced first hand the difference good osteopathic treatment can make, I can confidently recommend visiting an osteopath to whoever is unsure of how it can help.

I volunteer with the local group to help new mothers with breastfeeding. I endeavour to continuously develop my skills and broaden my knowledge.

I believe everybody can start on the journey to feeling great again, and I practice Osteopathy to help my patients get the absolute most out of life.

Fees - Osteopath
First Visit | 1 Hr | £86
Includes consultation & treatment.
Follow Up | 30 Min | £76
Treatment only.
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