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Cranial Osteopathy In Fulham

What Is Osteopathy

We know there are so many choices for your healthcare these days, it can be confusing. We founded Fulham Osteopaths over thirty years ago to explain Osteopathy and bring it’s fantastic treatment to people in Fulham.

Osteopathy is one of the best and most effective and treatments for so many of our health problems. Osteopathy is a complete system of diagnosis, examination and treatment, regulated by the Government. Osteopaths train to a similar standard as Doctors, but focus on the structure of the body and it’s holistic relationship to all the other systems like digestion and circulation.

How Does Osteopathy Work

Osteopathy looks at the relationship between how well your body could be working to how well it is actually working at the moment.

Get the body working properly, and any number of things heal up. Osteopathy is really just common sense, and is very holistic.

An Osteopath works with their hands on the human body to relieve strains, rebalancing interconnections between different areas of the body, so improving circulation and how well that part of the body works. This leads naturally to an increase in vitality, allowing healing and relief to follow. It is also extraordinarily safe, with a risk of serious complications from treatment so low as to be virtually unmeasurable.

Effective At Resolving Aches, Pains & Injuries

Osteopathy is very effective at resolving aches, pains and injuries, because it looks at the causes of a problem. It is an Osteopath's aim to stop a problem or injury from recurring by taking away those reasons that allowed it to occur in the first place. Because it is fundamentally holistic, we do not artificially divide you up into systems. We think the whole thing is important.

  • It works according to a number of well understood and common sense “Osteopathic Principles”, combining science and art;
    a rigorous scientific knowledge base with great depth of logic and analysis
  • the softer arts of understanding such as physical sensitivity, sympathy and empathy.

Osteopathy does not try artificially to look at part of your problem by dividing the body into systems treated by a specialist. Instead, Osteopaths are generalists, seeing a person as a whole, mind, body, spirit and environment. This wide view enables us to treat most conditions, as everything is connected.

What are Osteopathic Principles

We work according to tried and tested ”Osteopathic Principles”, a common sense and practical approach to helping your body and mind find ease and health;

  • Structure governs function; your body has to work well
  • The body produces it’s own medicines; we all have natural powers of healing
  • The body is a unit, mind body and spirit; we need to be well in all parts of our body and life

Osteopathy is Safe effective and time tested. To get a feel for how real people have benefited from Osteopathy at Fulham Osteopaths, read our Google reviews to get an idea about how people get on with Osteopathic Treatment, or simply book in and we can start you on the road to being pain free and in great health.

We also have specialist Osteopaths with particular training and interest in:

Mother and Baby
Headaches and Dizzyness
Ear Nose and Throat
Women’s Health

Please call us and we can match you up with the right Osteopath for you from our team.


Problems Solved for Our Clients

Who are benefiting from a better quality life

Katherine was great! I had repetitive injuries in my back from sport and after 3 sessions she gave me the tools to prevent these injuries from happening again. Highly recommend.
Mike Ladouceur
Mike Ladouceur
16:06 27 Sep 21
I took my baby to see Katherine to help with sleeping issues. She immediately noted areas of tightness causing him pain and after one session he was sleeping through the night. After four sessions he was a different baby, sleeping and eating batter leading to a much happier baby. I wish I had taken him earlier!
Rose Buckmaster
Rose Buckmaster
19:56 09 Sep 21
Melinda is very soft and gentle yet She did amazing Healing in a deeper level. Thank you 🙏
Yazmeen Lakhiani
Yazmeen Lakhiani
17:43 22 Aug 21
Hi I have had pain in my lower back for a long time and following visits under Giulia my back is near completely better. This is a fantastic result and i very much appreciated the help. I 100 perecent recommed Fulham Osteopaths Thank you so much best regards James
James Wilson
James Wilson
14:55 17 Aug 21
Andrew Cotton is such professional, experienced, gifted, caring and talented Osteopath. I am so lucky to have found him to resolve a neck issue which was giving me the most horrendous pain in my shoulder and migraines. I was in agony when I first arrived and a few sessions later, I am now pain free, have a much greater range of movement and able to turn my neck again! Such a brilliant result! Thank you Andrew for your talent.
Claire Boyd
Claire Boyd
09:57 06 Aug 21
We’ve had a really great experience with the treatment Melinda has given to our little boy with torticollis. She’s a very kind and professional individual and obviously good at what she does.
Adriana DeSoto
Adriana DeSoto
16:54 18 Jul 21
I first discovered Fulham Osteopaths as a sleep-deprived first time Mum - I did not know what osteopathy was before then! I am so grateful to have Fulham Osteopaths as part of my community - Melinda is so lovely (as are her staff!) and the practice exemplifies holistic care that is critically missing in many parts of our health system. Now my whole family receives care from the practice and every time, no matter the niggle (or emergency!) we receive excellent care throughout. Many thanks!!
Julia Tee
Julia Tee
19:09 08 Jul 21
So helpful and knowledgeable. Wonderful for my back in pregnancy and my for my baby once he was born. Highly recommend.
Daisy Shirley
Daisy Shirley
08:09 02 Jul 21
I went to see Tino after I hurt my back lifting heavy plant pots! He has been just incredible; after the first visit alone, I was feeling so much betterI have had 4 visits in total and am now fully back to normal with no pain at all. Super big shout out to this osteopath who has a great manner and huge knowledge.
Julia Woodman
Julia Woodman
08:30 28 Jun 21
Katherine the Paediatric Osteopath is brilliant. She has helped my 11 year old Son with muscular aches & pains and his posture has improved a lot.I thoroughly recommend her & I'm going to see her next!
Fiona Swift
Fiona Swift
08:02 25 Jun 21
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