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Here are some questions we get asked all the time.

Does treatment hurt?

Our treatment is always designed to be relaxing and usually people say the experience is quiet and delicate. Sometimes we know that you are in pain and virtually any movement hurts, and we have extensive training in how to safely, but effectively, help people in considerable pain.

Can Osteopathy really help me? I have tried everything else.

Osteopathy requires four years of full time training, and we carefully select and train all our practitioners. Osteopathy in the hands of an expert is safe and very effective. We invite you to read some of our over 200 five star google reviews from genuine patients, to get an idea of the results our patients get.

Is treatment expensive?

We will always give you a diagnosis and a plan so you know what to expect from treatment. It is our job to get you better as quickly as possible. We will not, and indeed are not allowed to as state registered practitioners, treat you unnecessarily. Some people like the results so much they come regularly for rejuvenating balancing treatments, but whether you come will always be by agreement after we explain our findings and recommendations.
Osteopathy is priced similarly to Physio and Chiropractic, and with us you get comprehensive treatment and advice with every session.

How does Osteopathy work?

Osteopathy is a tried and tested hands-on treatment that gets your body working properly again. Pain and illness comes from damage and tension, and your body needs to be properly relaxed, organised and lined up to repair itself. We gently soothe away tension and strain, which allows circulation to rapidly improve, which relieves pain and speeds healing.

Is treatment safe? I have heard about cracking bones?

Osteopathy in the UK is regulated by the GOSc, a state body which ensures all practitioners are fully trained. This means we can quickly diagnose your problem and recognise any worrying signs. It also means if we treat you we are very confident we can help. Clicking joints is only a small part of Osteopathy, and we are experts so if it is needed we will discuss whether it is the right option to get you better as quickly , and safely, as possible.

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