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Pelvic Girdle Pain Treatment

Constantinos Theodosiou

Theodosiou- Meet the teamPresently I enjoy treating all Family aches, pains and strains. I am in training with Melinda to treat Babies and small children, so I treat patients from 7 years old at the moment.

I understand that life can often be difficult, and it is easy to not pay attention to how are bodies are coping with the stresses of daily life. My goal as an osteopath is first to bring my patients out of pain and help them feel more comfortable in their bodies. I also aim to understand why it is this pain has started and work in partnership with my patients to integrate and alter daily habits that will aid them in the long term. Throughout my life, I have always been involved in sports like basketball and skiing.

My inspirations

Currently, I am training hard to improve my climbing and Jiu Jitsu, as I enjoy the great body awareness, precise movement and technique they require. All attributes of a great athlete but also a great osteopath.

I believe that feeling comfortable in your own body, even during simple things like sitting down for dinner is an extremely valuable thing to be able to do. As someone who because of their active lifestyle has felt constant aches and pains but has also experienced first hand the difference good osteopathic treatment can make, I can confidently recommend visiting an osteopath to whoever is unsure of how it can help.

I volunteer with the local group to help new mothers with breastfeeding. I endeavour to continuously develop my skills and broaden my knowledge.

I believe everybody can start on the journey to feeling great again, and I practice Osteopathy to help my patients get the absolute most out of life.

Katherine Quinn

Katherine-Registered-Osteopath-Meet-The-TeamKatherine is an associate osteopath at Fulham Osteopaths with a passionate interest in providing the very best care for women, children and babies, helping to promote health throughout life. Having personal experience with paediatric illness, Katherine has been inspired since a young age to give back and help children live their best possible lives.

Katherine is skilled at finding and assessing areas within the body that may be blocking or stopping your ability to heal and feel better. With expert care and a clear understanding of the underlying causes of tension within the body, she is able to provide an effective treatment to unwind this tension and promote a positive change toward health. This allows for long term positive change within your body.

Katherine graduated with distinction from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine where she gained experience treating patients of all ages. She furthered her education at the Osteopath Centre for Children, where in that time she developed her skills in treating common conditions seen throughout childhood years, and gained experience treating patients of all ages.

If you want to learn more about osteopathy, or how it can help you or your little one, please give us a call today to book your consultation.

Giulia Bonetto

Giulia-Meet-The-TeamGiulia's journey of Osteopathic discovery started at a young age, when she received treatment herself. From the start she was fascinated by how the body functions and it's ability to adapt and respond to different challenges.

Following her curiosity in understanding more about how the body works and heals, Giulia graduated from the International College of Osteopathic Medicine in Turin received her Masters Degree in Osteopathy at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine.

While studying at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine, Giulia trained in structural osteopathy, cranio-sacral and visceral osteopathy. This has given her a wide range of approaches, so she can tailor her treatments to the specific needs of her patients.

Giulia is passionate about understanding somebody's life, and works to help them improve their health and wellbeing. She believe that communication is key to be able to deeply understand the problem, and to put in place the very best treatment plan to get her patients back to their best form.

Since graduating Giulia has gained experience in treating mothers and babies, and she has done many extra courses to help her give the best possible care to the younger patients.

She is a family practitioner that enjoys working with patients of all age groups, from baby to grandparents.

During her free time Giulia enjoys reading a good book, going out for long walks, and she likes to challenge herself doing bouldering.

Melinda Cotton

Cotton- Meet the teamMelinda Cotton DO MICO is Practice Principal at Fulham Osteopaths, specialising in the care of expectant mothers, babies, and children.

Once described as “The Osteopathic Sherlock Holmes” Melinda is one of the most experienced osteopaths in the country. Her inquisitive mind and extensive experience help her to resolve issues that other professionals have been unable to treat.

She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council. On graduation from the British School of Osteopathy in 1989, she continued her studies with the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, and also at the Institute of Classical Osteopathy.

From 1991- 1997 she was a member of the teaching faculty at the British School of Osteopathy.

She founded Fulham Osteopaths in 1989, where she is now Practice Principal, Osteopath and mentor to her colleagues.

Melinda brings a wealth of experience and insight to her consultations, which is invaluable when working with patients with tricky and complex cases. Her approach is gentle, drawing on all osteopathic approaches including cranial and classical osteopathy, in a way that is in tune with each individual’s needs.

At Fulham Osteopaths she offers two services:

• Mother and baby care and family service (click to read more)
• Second opinion service for complex adult cases (click to read more)

Many of the adults referred to her have been suffered with a particular problem for a long time, and wonder whether osteopathy, or her particular approach, may be able help them move forwards.

Melinda deeply understands why a problem exists and what is blocking a persons own self healing. She firmly believes that there are no hopeless cases, and that there is always room for improvement. Thoughtful osteopathic care, combined with good sound advice and education are the hallmarks of her approach.
Because of the high demand for her services, Melinda is only able to take on a limited number of new patients each year. To be added to the waiting list and to be the first in line to have access to her unparalleled skills, please contact us on 020 7384 1851 to enquire as to the first available appointment.

“Melinda Cotton @ Fulham Osteopaths is a first choice resource for back and posture issues. Melinda is a credible practitioner is not only thorough but effective, especially for anyone who really puts their back into their work – writers, psychotherapists, executives, trainers, teachers, etc.”