Mark Mshila

Mark Mshila MOstMark graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters of Osteopathy Degree in 2020.

Growing up, Mark developed an interest in martial arts and health and spent a few years studying and practising martial arts in Beijing, China. This led to an interest in health, nutrition, and a curiosity in how the body works, eventually leading to the discovery of Osteopathy.

Over the years, Mark has attended various seminars on neuromuscular rehabilitation, nutrition and tissue repair. With a growing interest in the various aspects of health and wellbeing not only from a biomedical point of view, but also a psychosocial perspective, he hopes to learn and apply these principles to helping people get better quickly and, importantly, stay that way.

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Constantinos Theodosiou

Theodosiou- Meet the teamConstantinos was introduced to osteopathy by a family friend after exhausting most other forms of pain management for his lower back. His active lifestyle resulted in constant aches and pains until he discovered first-hand the difference good osteopathic treatment can make.

He uses a holistic approach including ergonomics, simple exercise and small lifestyle adjustments to treat pain caused by stress, sport injuries, migraines and headaches in patients from 7 years old. He is now training with Melinda, learning expert techniques for working with babies and younger children.

“Feeling comfortable in your own body is essential, even doing simple things like getting out of bed or sitting down for dinner. I have always enjoyed playing basketball and skiing, and now I am training hard to improve my climbing and Jiu Jitsu to develop the great body awareness, precise movement and technique they require - attributes of a great athlete, and a great osteopath!” - Constantinos


"I went to see Tino after I hurt my back lifting heavy plant pots! He has been just incredible; after the first visit alone, I was feeling so much better. I have had 4 visits in total and am now fully back to normal with no pain at all. Super big shout out to this osteopath who has a great manner and huge knowledge." - Julia W

"Was recommended Fulham Osteopaths from my cousin (who practises at an unrelated London Clinic) and have been receiving treatment from Tino for a couple of months. We’ve made fantastic progress; my posture has significantly improved my neck and shoulder pain has reduced hugely. I can now throw a ball, play tennis again and have started rowing which is amazing. Couldn’t recommend more." - Mike P

"I have been visiting Fulham Osteopaths since September 2020, since then I have already felt a huge difference with my back pain. I would highly recommend seeing Tino. He is very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Tino has made my experience very positive, I would happily recommend him to friends and family!" - Sophie C