Omer White

Omer White | Associate Osteopath | Fulham Osteopaths

Omer is an associate osteopath here at Fulham Osteopaths. He enjoys working with patients of all ages and in all stages of their journey.

From rehabilitation to well-being and performance, he aims to support patients towards their ideal selves.

With a background in water sports, Omer started his training by studying sports therapy at Tel-Aviv University. Having found his calling within the fields of rehabilitation and manual therapy, he extensively researched ways to deepen his knowledge - resulting in his move to Wales to gain his Master's Degree in Osteopathy from Swansea University, specialising in structural osteopathy.

“Osteopathy, for me, is the perfect way to combine my love of people, fascination with the human body, and joy of movement. Applying osteopathic principles and techniques which are informed by the body’s structure and function - I help people better understand their body, overcome pain and establish efficient movement patterns so that they can live their optimal lives”.

In his free time, Omer enjoys martial arts, yoga, swimming, bouldering and salsa dancing!


"I had an extremely painful sore neck and right shoulder and within one session Omer managed to significantly reduce the pain and improve the mobility of my neck. I was truly amazed. The second session I had yesterday was equally beneficial. I can highly recommend Omer. He is an extremely dedicated professional and very conscientious with a pleasant personality." Edward K

Valentina Maran

Valentina is an associate practitioner at Fulham Osteopaths, enthusiastic to offer her best support to people of all ages and backgrounds in their unique journeys towards well-being.

She truly values the importance of looking at the whole picture. Valentina will take into account your unique history to get to the root cause of your presentation and provide suitable treatment and advice, according to your personal goals and needs.

Valentina encountered osteopathy as a teenager and was amazed and inspired by the results and the holistic approach. Her curiosity and a growing interest in the human body and the concept of health led her to attend the European School of Osteopathy, where she qualified with a Master's Degree in Osteopathy.

She is trained in structural and classical techniques, as well as visceral, craniosacral and paediatric osteopathy, and is always seeking to deepen her understanding and widen her tools by listening, observing and joining as many learning opportunities as possible.

In her free time, Valentina enjoys travelling, yoga, volleyball, hiking and recreating or reinventing her nonna’s recipes!


"Amazingly impressed by Valentina’s ability to read my body and treat my neck pain. Highly recommended. Very light touch and very powerful treatment." Gilles C

"Valentina is fantastic. I brought my baby for a few sessions as his movements were somewhat asymmetrical. Valentina identified quickly the issue, and worked on it until solved. I could see the improvement since the first session! She handled my baby with such care and sweetness that my baby also loved it and felt at ease. The room was very warm and prepared for a newborn, which made the experience very enjoyable and also relaxing for both the parent and the newborn. The feedback on video is fantastic, because it allowed me to share it with the dad. We will come back if any issue arises in the future!" Aurora R

" Excellent Osteopaths. I saw Valentina. I came in with a back injury, barely able to move, sit, stand or walk. Within a few weeks, with a few excellent treatment sessions and great advice / home exercises, I’m now 100% better. Excellent follow up with a quick video message to cover the key recommendations from our first session (what a brilliant idea - when you are in pain you don’t pay attention to everything you are told) and I have had several follow up messages from Valentina, with further suggestions to help maintain my wellbeing, encourage further improvement and prevent a recurrent injury. Highly recommend!" Sophie P

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Giulia Bonetto

Giulia-Meet-The-TeamGiulia is a family practitioner who enjoys working with patients of all ages, from newborns to grandparents.

She takes a holistic approach, looking at all aspects her patients’ lives, to determine how osteopathy can help them improve their health and wellbeing, and get them back to their best form.

Giulia specialises in treating expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, carrying through to post delivery care and the early stages of parenthood.

She also treats patients with tension headaches, chronic back pain and a wide variety of symptoms brought on by stress and anxiety.

“I first experienced Osteopathy myself as a young patient, and soon became fascinated by the ways in which the body functions and adapts to respond to different challenges. Communication is fundamental to understanding a patient’s needs, and putting in place the very best treatment plan to get them back to enjoying life to the full!” - Giulia

Giulia graduated from the International College of Osteopathic Medicine in Turin specialising in structural osteopathy, cranio-sacral and visceral osteopathy. She went on to gain a Masters Degree in Osteopathy at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine.

She enjoys a good book, going for long walks, and the physical challenges of her favourite sport, bouldering.


I would highly recommend Giulia, we sought her advice for our baby girl who was experiencing episodes of colic since birth. She was able to pinpoint the problem very quickly, and we’ve noticed improvement after each session. She gave us clear and simple instructions to follow at home, to enhance and maintain results achieved during the sessions. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and reassuring. - Elena Z

Baby and I attended the clinic following a glowing recommendation. We had a brilliant experience with Giulia. We saw improvements after every session - she works wonders. Thank you so much! - Tajinder K

I have been using Fulham Osteopaths for about a year and I couldn't recommend them more highly! As an office worker with occasionally-acute muscular pains in my lower back (especially since the start of lockdown), Fulham Osteopaths have done a very professional, caring and competent job at looking after my health. I will definitely keep using them as I go back to the office and to exercising regularly again. - Andrea S