Elyse Smythe

Verena-Meet-The-TeamElyse has always been inspired by the body and the way in which it responds to the different stresses and strains that it faces throughout life. Following this passion, she graduated from The University of Leeds with a First-class degree in Medical Science, which laid the foundations for a future career in healthcare.

Seeking out a more holistic and hands-on approach to treating a patient, Elyse then looked to Osteopathy, completing a Masters in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy in London. 

Elyse would describe herself as a general practice osteopath as she enjoys treating the whole family from expectant mums to children and the elderly. Elyse has worked closely with Melinda to develop her skills in treating babies. She believes that osteopathy can successfully restore a feeling of wellness to any person by supporting the body’s innate healing processes.

Elyse tailors her treatments to the individual person, in order to promote good health and prevent symptoms reoccurring. Similarly, Elyse uses a variety of techniques within treatment, guided by the patient and their unique needs. This may include soft-tissue work, joint mobilisation, gentle fascial techniques, and lifestyle or rehabilitation advice.

Growing up in London, Elyse has always been active and loves attending challenging walks and charity runs. She has a young family which has given her first-hand experience in the benefits of osteopathy for pregnancy, post-natal and little ones in their first few years of life.

Verena Leo

Verena-Meet-The-TeamVerena is one of the Senior Associates at Fulham Osteopaths and practises in several specialist areas. She has a background in Performing Arts and Agriculture and enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

“After growing up on a organic farm in Switzerland I first trained as a dressmaker and a stage designer for film and theatre, and danced ballet for several years, keenly studying stillness, movement and perception. My focus lies on finding ways to encourage body awareness, improved functional movement and healthier working and living practices.” - Verena

Verena’s passion for dance and interest in naturopathy inspired her to train as an Osteopath and Craniosacral Therapist, which shapes and informs her therapeutic practice. She enjoys helping others to achieve their aims and promote general wellbeing. Her specialist areas include:


"I saw Verena for difficulties with breastfeeding and recurrent blocked ducts. Was great to have continuity for treating both myself and my baby. She was lovely, very helpful and gentle with both of us. Her massage techniques, exercises and follow up information were excellent and very much helped me unblock the milk ducts much quicker and with no pain involved compared to previous very painful techniques we were doing. Generally feel more relaxed and breastfeeding is much more enjoyable. Thank you!" - Hannah Z

"I've been going to ostheopaths for years now, treating a reoccurring chronic pain in my wrist and shoulder." - iRain

"Verena was the first ostheopath to look into my wrist with more attention attention details and find the root cause of my pain. Through a series of treatments, aimed at breaking down years of old patterns and realigning my body she managed to relieve my pain completely. She also showed me how to keep mobile and recommended other treatments to help keep the issue at bay."

"I would highly recommend her to anyone with chronic pain. Verena takes time to assess and understand the body with great detail and is very thorough with her treatment. "

"Having suffered with RSI for many months leaving me in constant pain which was so debilitating, I sceptically decided to see an osteopath. After just 2 sessions with Verena, I could not believe the difference in my body. The neck pain, the arm pain the headaches just lifted and I finally felt like me again. My only regret is that I did not see Verena sooner. She is absolutely amazing and explained everything she was doing each step of the way. I am truly amazed and thankful for her skill and knowledge and will continue to see her every month for prevention rather than cure. I could not recommend her more highly." - Susie M

Senior Osteopath

Giulia Bonetto

Giulia-Meet-The-TeamGiulia is a family practitioner who enjoys working with patients of all ages, from newborns to grandparents.

She takes a holistic approach, looking at all aspects her patients’ lives, to determine how osteopathy can help them improve their health and wellbeing, and get them back to their best form.

Giulia specialises in treating expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, carrying through to post delivery care and the early stages of parenthood.

She also treats patients with tension headaches, chronic back pain and a wide variety of symptoms brought on by stress and anxiety.

“I first experienced Osteopathy myself as a young patient, and soon became fascinated by the ways in which the body functions and adapts to respond to different challenges. Communication is fundamental to understanding a patient’s needs, and putting in place the very best treatment plan to get them back to enjoying life to the full!” - Giulia

Giulia graduated from the International College of Osteopathic Medicine in Turin specialising in structural osteopathy, cranio-sacral and visceral osteopathy. She went on to gain a Masters Degree in Osteopathy at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine.

She enjoys a good book, going for long walks, and the physical challenges of her favourite sport, bouldering.


I would highly recommend Giulia, we sought her advice for our baby girl who was experiencing episodes of colic since birth. She was able to pinpoint the problem very quickly, and we’ve noticed improvement after each session. She gave us clear and simple instructions to follow at home, to enhance and maintain results achieved during the sessions. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and reassuring. - Elena Z

Baby and I attended the clinic following a glowing recommendation. We had a brilliant experience with Giulia. We saw improvements after every session - she works wonders. Thank you so much! - Tajinder K

I have been using Fulham Osteopaths for about a year and I couldn't recommend them more highly! As an office worker with occasionally-acute muscular pains in my lower back (especially since the start of lockdown), Fulham Osteopaths have done a very professional, caring and competent job at looking after my health. I will definitely keep using them as I go back to the office and to exercising regularly again. - Andrea Enrico S