Consultant Osteopath

Andrew Cotton

Andrew Cotton - Meet The TeamAndrew qualified alongside Melinda in 1989. He was for many years a senior lecturer at the British School of Osteopathy, where he was a clinic tutor, lecturer in Osteopathic Principles and Mechanics, and dissertation supervisor.

He sees Osteopathy as having a great role to play in developing a national strategy for integrated healthcare, and practices on the simple premise that if a person’s body is allowed to work properly, then there are very few conditions which do not respond to Osteopathic treatment. After all, the body wants to heal itself. He specialises in the difficult, the unusual and complicated, from problems with fertility all the way through life to solutions for chronic illness. He runs a specialised clinic for tension headache, and associated ENT complaints including Menieres etc. Andrew welcomes referrals from Doctors and other practitioners wanting either a second opinion or a different approach when progress is proving difficult.

Thoughtful and experienced, Andrew welcomes chronic cases, especially chronic pain, ME etc which respond to a steady, upbuilding approach.


"I regularly see Andrew Cotton, I first saw him several years ago for chronic facial pain which his treatments helped to manage and alleviate. He has a fantastic approach to integrated healthcare, and his treatments help the body to work properly. I would highly recommend Andy and the clinic, everyone is so friendly, a warm healing place to go when you have a problem." - Alex R

"Andrew Cotton is such professional, experienced, gifted, caring and talented Osteopath. I am so lucky to have found him to resolve a neck issue which was giving me the most horrendous pain in my shoulder and migraines. I was in agony when I first arrived and a few sessions later, I am now pain free, have a much greater range of movement and able to turn my neck again! Such a brilliant result! Thank you Andrew for your talent." - Claire B

"I saw Andy to address an issue with my sacrum, which had moved out of alignment following several other injuries which I had incurred in the 6 months prior. The odd positioning of the sacrum was causing a shuddering movement to occur in my legs when I attempted certain movements, as well as discomfort when lying flat. Following my injuries, I was fairly anxious about receiving treatment, but booked to see Andy after another physician strongly recommended his services. During our first consultation he considered every angle to my particular case, was evidently knowledgeable and experienced, and looked at nothing in isolation. He was patient, and over the following weeks as I developed trust in his approach my anxiety reduced, and we made steady progress. From session 2, I noticed a significant shifting of my sacrum into a more comfortable position. The shuddering and back pain lessened and over the next 6 weeks he gently worked on the area to make small, incremental improvements - testing how my body reacted at each stage. For the first time in months I am now able to exercise and move naturally once again, and am in no discomfort. I am reassured knowing Andy and the practice are a phone call away if needed, and recommend their services without hesitation." - Debbie B

"Andrew is a one of a kind osteopath.After visiting him once a week for a few months my condition disappeared and has not returned. I can highly recommend him .Great practice and friendly staff." - Rebeca M

"I came to see Andrew, pregnant and despairing after recurrent lower back issues and with a slipped disc. I could barely walk or stand straight and wondered how on earth I was going to get through the next few months. Andy is calm, incredibly knowledgable and reassuring. He is so experienced I felt in safe hands immediately and he gave me confidence he could assist. Initially sceptical, I can honestly say that Andy has made more positive impact than any other professional (there have been many!). I am now mobile and my pain has reduced very significantly even with increased strain on my back as pregnancy progresses. Within 24 hours of a treatment I feel improved and with only a few weeks left of before baby arrives I could not be happier that my GP initially suggested I visit Fulham Osteopaths. I would recommend Andy without hesitation." - Lucinda M