Omer White

Omer White | Associate Osteopath | Fulham Osteopaths

Omer is an associate osteopath here at Fulham Osteopaths. He enjoys working with patients of all ages and in all stages of their journey.

From rehabilitation to well-being and performance, he aims to support patients towards their ideal selves.

With a background in water sports, Omer started his training by studying sports therapy at Tel-Aviv University. Having found his calling within the fields of rehabilitation and manual therapy, he extensively researched ways to deepen his knowledge - resulting in his move to Wales to gain his Master's Degree in Osteopathy from Swansea University, specialising in structural osteopathy.

“Osteopathy, for me, is the perfect way to combine my love of people, fascination with the human body, and joy of movement. Applying osteopathic principles and techniques which are informed by the body’s structure and function - I help people better understand their body, overcome pain and establish efficient movement patterns so that they can live their optimal lives”.

In his free time, Omer enjoys martial arts, yoga, swimming, bouldering and salsa dancing!


"I had an extremely painful sore neck and right shoulder and within one session Omer managed to significantly reduce the pain and improve the mobility of my neck. I was truly amazed. The second session I had yesterday was equally beneficial. I can highly recommend Omer. He is an extremely dedicated professional and very conscientious with a pleasant personality." Edward K

Valentina Maran

Valentina is an associate practitioner at Fulham Osteopaths, enthusiastic to offer her best support to people of all ages and backgrounds in their unique journeys towards well-being.

She truly values the importance of looking at the whole picture. Valentina will take into account your unique history to get to the root cause of your presentation and provide suitable treatment and advice, according to your personal goals and needs.

Valentina encountered osteopathy as a teenager and was amazed and inspired by the results and the holistic approach. Her curiosity and a growing interest in the human body and the concept of health led her to attend the European School of Osteopathy, where she qualified with a Master's Degree in Osteopathy.

She is trained in structural and classical techniques, as well as visceral, craniosacral and paediatric osteopathy, and is always seeking to deepen her understanding and widen her tools by listening, observing and joining as many learning opportunities as possible.

In her free time, Valentina enjoys travelling, yoga, volleyball, hiking and recreating or reinventing her nonna’s recipes!


"Amazingly impressed by Valentina’s ability to read my body and treat my neck pain. Highly recommended. Very light touch and very powerful treatment." Gilles C

"Valentina is fantastic. I brought my baby for a few sessions as his movements were somewhat asymmetrical. Valentina identified quickly the issue, and worked on it until solved. I could see the improvement since the first session! She handled my baby with such care and sweetness that my baby also loved it and felt at ease. The room was very warm and prepared for a newborn, which made the experience very enjoyable and also relaxing for both the parent and the newborn. The feedback on video is fantastic, because it allowed me to share it with the dad. We will come back if any issue arises in the future!" Aurora R

" Excellent Osteopaths. I saw Valentina. I came in with a back injury, barely able to move, sit, stand or walk. Within a few weeks, with a few excellent treatment sessions and great advice / home exercises, I’m now 100% better. Excellent follow up with a quick video message to cover the key recommendations from our first session (what a brilliant idea - when you are in pain you don’t pay attention to everything you are told) and I have had several follow up messages from Valentina, with further suggestions to help maintain my wellbeing, encourage further improvement and prevent a recurrent injury. Highly recommend!" Sophie P

Verena Leo

Verena-Meet-The-TeamVerena is one of the Senior Associates at Fulham Osteopaths and practises in several specialist areas. She has a background in Performing Arts and Agriculture and enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

“After growing up on a organic farm in Switzerland I first trained as a dressmaker and a stage designer for film and theatre, and danced ballet for several years, keenly studying stillness, movement and perception. My focus lies on finding ways to encourage body awareness, improved functional movement and healthier working and living practices.” - Verena

Verena’s passion for dance and interest in naturopathy inspired her to train as an Osteopath and Craniosacral Therapist, which shapes and informs her therapeutic practice. She enjoys helping others to achieve their aims and promote general wellbeing. Her specialist areas include:


"I saw Verena for difficulties with breastfeeding and recurrent blocked ducts. Was great to have continuity for treating both myself and my baby. She was lovely, very helpful and gentle with both of us. Her massage techniques, exercises and follow up information were excellent and very much helped me unblock the milk ducts much quicker and with no pain involved compared to previous very painful techniques we were doing. Generally feel more relaxed and breastfeeding is much more enjoyable. Thank you!" - Hannah Z

"I've been going to ostheopaths for years now, treating a reoccurring chronic pain in my wrist and shoulder." - iRain

"Verena was the first ostheopath to look into my wrist with more attention attention details and find the root cause of my pain. Through a series of treatments, aimed at breaking down years of old patterns and realigning my body she managed to relieve my pain completely. She also showed me how to keep mobile and recommended other treatments to help keep the issue at bay."

"I would highly recommend her to anyone with chronic pain. Verena takes time to assess and understand the body with great detail and is very thorough with her treatment. "

"Having suffered with RSI for many months leaving me in constant pain which was so debilitating, I sceptically decided to see an osteopath. After just 2 sessions with Verena, I could not believe the difference in my body. The neck pain, the arm pain the headaches just lifted and I finally felt like me again. My only regret is that I did not see Verena sooner. She is absolutely amazing and explained everything she was doing each step of the way. I am truly amazed and thankful for her skill and knowledge and will continue to see her every month for prevention rather than cure. I could not recommend her more highly." - Susie M

Giulia Bonetto

Giulia-Meet-The-TeamGiulia is a family practitioner who enjoys working with patients of all ages, from newborns to grandparents.

She takes a holistic approach, looking at all aspects her patients’ lives, to determine how osteopathy can help them improve their health and wellbeing, and get them back to their best form.

Giulia specialises in treating expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, carrying through to post delivery care and the early stages of parenthood.

She also treats patients with tension headaches, chronic back pain and a wide variety of symptoms brought on by stress and anxiety.

“I first experienced Osteopathy myself as a young patient, and soon became fascinated by the ways in which the body functions and adapts to respond to different challenges. Communication is fundamental to understanding a patient’s needs, and putting in place the very best treatment plan to get them back to enjoying life to the full!” - Giulia

Giulia graduated from the International College of Osteopathic Medicine in Turin specialising in structural osteopathy, cranio-sacral and visceral osteopathy. She went on to gain a Masters Degree in Osteopathy at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine.

She enjoys a good book, going for long walks, and the physical challenges of her favourite sport, bouldering.


I would highly recommend Giulia, we sought her advice for our baby girl who was experiencing episodes of colic since birth. She was able to pinpoint the problem very quickly, and we’ve noticed improvement after each session. She gave us clear and simple instructions to follow at home, to enhance and maintain results achieved during the sessions. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and reassuring. - Elena Z

Baby and I attended the clinic following a glowing recommendation. We had a brilliant experience with Giulia. We saw improvements after every session - she works wonders. Thank you so much! - Tajinder K

I have been using Fulham Osteopaths for about a year and I couldn't recommend them more highly! As an office worker with occasionally-acute muscular pains in my lower back (especially since the start of lockdown), Fulham Osteopaths have done a very professional, caring and competent job at looking after my health. I will definitely keep using them as I go back to the office and to exercising regularly again. - Andrea S

Andrew Cotton

Andrew Cotton - Meet The TeamAndrew is a kind, thoughtful and experienced Osteopath, helping people for over thirty years with all types of pain, injury, and trouble of all descriptions.

Andrew has always worked according to simple but effective “Osteopathic Principles", that if the body is properly relaxed and balanced, it possesses great powers of healing and recovery. Even very painful and long standing problems respond well to Andrew’s expert and careful approach. Andrew is a family Osteopath and treats people from the age of 2 up with all types of pain and injury, and is considered one of the UK’s top Osteopaths.

He specialises in severe and chronic pain, especially spinal disc pain, joint pain and headaches.

Andrew runs a clinic for head and face pain, and specialises in all dizziness and balance conditions, including;

Chronic Headache and Migraine of all types and diagnosis


Menieres Disease

BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo)

Vestibular Migraine


All other dizziness and balance syndromes

ENT (ear nose and throat) conditions such as head and ear pressure syndromes, chronic sore throats, voice and jaw problems.

If you have a condition which is bad, complicated or hasn’t responded to other types of treatment, Andrew is a good choice for your care.


"I regularly see Andrew Cotton, I first saw him several years ago for chronic facial pain which his treatments helped to manage and alleviate. He has a fantastic approach to integrated healthcare, and his treatments help the body to work properly. I would highly recommend Andy and the clinic, everyone is so friendly, a warm healing place to go when you have a problem." - Alex R

"Andrew Cotton is such professional, experienced, gifted, caring and talented Osteopath. I am so lucky to have found him to resolve a neck issue which was giving me the most horrendous pain in my shoulder and migraines. I was in agony when I first arrived and a few sessions later, I am now pain free, have a much greater range of movement and able to turn my neck again! Such a brilliant result! Thank you Andrew for your talent." - Claire B

"I saw Andy to address an issue with my sacrum, which had moved out of alignment following several other injuries which I had incurred in the 6 months prior. The odd positioning of the sacrum was causing a shuddering movement to occur in my legs when I attempted certain movements, as well as discomfort when lying flat. Following my injuries, I was fairly anxious about receiving treatment, but booked to see Andy after another physician strongly recommended his services. During our first consultation he considered every angle to my particular case, was evidently knowledgeable and experienced, and looked at nothing in isolation. He was patient, and over the following weeks as I developed trust in his approach my anxiety reduced, and we made steady progress. From session 2, I noticed a significant shifting of my sacrum into a more comfortable position. The shuddering and back pain lessened and over the next 6 weeks he gently worked on the area to make small, incremental improvements - testing how my body reacted at each stage. For the first time in months I am now able to exercise and move naturally once again, and am in no discomfort. I am reassured knowing Andy and the practice are a phone call away if needed, and recommend their services without hesitation." - Debbie B

"Andrew is a one of a kind osteopath.After visiting him once a week for a few months my condition disappeared and has not returned. I can highly recommend him .Great practice and friendly staff." - Rebeca M

"I came to see Andrew, pregnant and despairing after recurrent lower back issues and with a slipped disc. I could barely walk or stand straight and wondered how on earth I was going to get through the next few months. Andy is calm, incredibly knowledgable and reassuring. He is so experienced I felt in safe hands immediately and he gave me confidence he could assist. Initially sceptical, I can honestly say that Andy has made more positive impact than any other professional (there have been many!). I am now mobile and my pain has reduced very significantly even with increased strain on my back as pregnancy progresses. Within 24 hours of a treatment I feel improved and with only a few weeks left of before baby arrives I could not be happier that my GP initially suggested I visit Fulham Osteopaths. I would recommend Andy without hesitation." - Lucinda M

Melinda Cotton

Cotton- Meet the teamMelinda Cotton DO, D WHO, MICO founded Fulham Osteopaths in 1989 and is the Practice Principal specialising in the care of expectant mothers, babies, and complex adult cases.

Once described as “The Osteopathic Sherlock Holmes” she is one of the most experienced osteopaths in the country. Her inquisitive mind and extensive experience help her to resolve issues that other professionals have been unable to treat.

Melinda specialises in:

Mother & babies and family service (click to read more)
Second opinion service for complex adult cases (click to read more)

“I firmly believe that there are no hopeless cases, and that thoughtful osteopathic care can release what is blocking a person’s own self-healing.” - Melinda

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council, Melinda graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1989 and went on to study at the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, and the Institute of Classical Osteopathy and the Molinari Institute of Health.

From 1991- 1997 she was a member of the teaching faculty at the British School of Osteopathy.


"Melinda has been amazing! She’s really helped me to recover postpartum and I wish I visited her during my pregnancy. I had quite a few complicated issues due to my pregnancy and she really helped me to feel like myself again. My postpartum recovery wouldn’t have been the same without her. Thank you so much with your magic touch!" - Ellie Z

"I cannot recommend Melinda at Fulham Osteopaths highly enough. Thankfully she was able to identify and treat an issue with my son early enough so that it now won’t cause any long term issues for him. How lucky we are to have access to such a brilliant osteopath for our babies. Thank you so much Melinda." - Jessica B

"Faced with the dilemma of finding another trusted osteopath, after the retirement of my Harley Street osteopath who had treated me for over 30 years, Melinda Cotton and her dedicated team at Fulham Osteopaths were recommended to me by my daughter-in-law. I am very pleased to have made this decision 3 years ago, to try out Fulham Osteopaths. In my case, it was a relief to find an osteopath of Melinda's calibre and her gentle realignment treatment continuous to works wonders for me. I feel completely at ease in her hands and trust her judgement implicitly. I can highly recommend Melinda." - Yvonne B

"From the moment my client and her newborn baby met Melinda I watched a sense of calmness descend on a pair of troubled shoulders. We were all made to feel welcome and instantly knew we were in the best hands possible. Melinda has the most incredible knowledge built up from years of clearly loving what she’s does, and is a delight to watch as she expertly “felt” her way over the baby, in order to diagnose how best to help her feel less stressed from a quick birth. She explained every step of what she was doing, took great care to ensure both mum and her baby were comfortable at all times and happily answered every question we had. The practice has kept all COVID-19 sanitation measures in place and strived to keep all clients distanced and safe. I highly recommended not only Melinda but the whole of the practice." - Claire S

"I have been attending Fulham Osteopaths for nearly 21 years over which time Melinda has been my saviour, successfully treating a variety of conditions one of which I had previously been suffering from for 16 years! She is extremely professional and excellent at both diagnosing and treating. I highly recommend Fulham Osteopaths." - Jane R

"I would highly recommend Fulham Osteopaths and particularly Melinda who has seen me through 2 pregnancies, intense bouts of training for sports and helped my son with treatment for tongue tie and flat head syndrome. She is incredibly knowledgable and personable, and her treatments are gentle yet extremely effective. I have hobbled into the clinic from a taxi in agony only to walk home happily half an hour later. I would have a session with her over a massage anyday!" - Emily M