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Written by Andy Cotton | Posted on January 2, 2019

Looking for The Fulham Osteopathic Practice?
We were previously The Fulham Osteopathic Practice (FOP), which is still our company name. We should not be confused with Fulham Osteopathic Care, which is more recently opened with an unfortunately similar name and branding colour to us. We changed our name to something simpler and more memorable in 2003. We are now at 769 Fulham Road, near Fulham Library and Parson’s Green Tube.

We are a long established Osteopathy and Alternative Therapies practice on the Fulham Road, dedicated to the highest standards of care.
We offer professional and effective treatment for aches, pains and more complex problems. The practice is run by Melinda and Andrew Cotton, both osteopaths that have been in practice since 1989. Fulham Osteopaths have been helping the good folk of Fulham since 1989, and are now the biggest private Osteopathy clinic in London. Ten Osteopaths and eight alternative therapists are on our team, and they have huge experience across the board from gentle cranial work for the newborn to adult and elderly injuries, strains and wear and tear. Have a read of our in depth site, or give our helpful dedicated reception team a ring for any specific questions you have.

769 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, SW6 5HA
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