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Written by Mindi Cotton | Posted on January 3, 2019

Simple exercises and tips for surviving the slopes!

After your first day of skiing how you look after yourself can greatly influence how you feel the next morning. A little bit of extra care can make the difference between feeling as still as a board, or OK and ready for a day of skiing.
Now that you have arrived in the mountains and have started to ski what can you do to keep your muscles and joints feeling supple?
We asked Melinda Cotton, founder of Fulham Osteopaths, how she looks after herself when she goes skiing.
How do you look after yourself after a day of skiing?

“As an osteopath I suffer from osteopathic hypochondria and cannot bear to feel stiff and sore, so I put 20 mins aside to take care of my own muscles and joints.
Looking after myself is a priority because I want to make the most of my time in the mountains.
First of all, I know that I'm not the fittest person, and that I may well have had a few bumps and falls during my day in the mountains.
Arnica is a wonderful remedy to take after exercise to help combat stiffness and soreness. I take one dose ...

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