what happens in an osteopathy treatment?

What Happens in a Treatment Session?

First of all the osteopath needs to take the time with you to listen carefully to your case history. The osteopath will discuss with you the issue/s that you have come in to talk about, the symptoms, when they developed etc. and any changes in either the symptoms or your general health since the onset of the problem. The osteopath will also ask you questions about your general health, any medication you take and your past medical history. This allows us to build up an "holistic" picture, looking not only at the symptoms, but also at your lifestyle etc. so that we can understand why the problem has arisen.
Then the osteopath needs to do an examination of your body in order to make an evaluation of your physical condition. The osteopath will look at your body, assess your posture and observe how your spine and other joints move.
osteopathic treatment
Any appropriate tests, such as taking your reflexes or blood pressure, will be performed, and then your osteopath will gently feel the tone of your muscles, and examine the joints of the body in order to make an holistic diagnosis. The osteopath will then discuss his or her findings with you.
If it is appropriate, then you will have an osteopathic treatment on your first visit, and a plan will be discussed with you about the need for follow ups (if required), exercises or lifestyle advice.

What do I need to wear?

Usually you will need to get undressed down to your underwear, so please wear underwear in which you will feel comfortable. If this is a problem in any way, we can usually manage!

Does Treatment Hurt?

Our treatment is typically very gentle and usually does not hurt. Our osteopaths use a wide range of osteopathic techniques to suit the individual patient's needs, ranging from the more traditional osteopathic approaches using gentle but specific massage techniques, articulation (movement) of joints and manipulative (clicking) techniques, to the more subtle techniques known as cranial osteopathy and functional technique. Our osteopaths are all highly trained and will use the best approach for you.