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melinda cotton, osteopath at fulham osteopaths

Melinda Cotton

Registered Osteopath DO
Melinda Cotton DO MICO is Practice Principal at Fulham Osteopaths, specialising in the care of expectant mothers, babies, and children.
Often described as “The Osteopathic Sherlock Holmes”, Melinda is one of the most experienced osteopaths in the country. Her inquisitive mind and extensive experience help her to resolve issues that other professionals have been unable to treat.
She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council. On graduation from the British School of Osteopathy in 1989, she continued her studies with the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, and also at the Institute of Classical Osteopathy.
From 1991- 1997 she was a member of the teaching faculty at the British School of Osteopathy.
She founded Fulham Osteopaths in 1989, where she is now Practice Principal, Osteopath and mentor to her colleagues.
Melinda brings a wealth of experience and insight to her consultations, which is invaluable when working with patients with tricky and complex cases. Her approach is gentle, drawing on all osteopathic approaches including cranial and classical osteopathy, in a way that is in tune with each individual’s needs.
“Melinda Cotton @ Fulham Osteopaths is a first choice resource for back and posture issues. Melinda is a credible practitioner is not only thorough but effective, especially for anyone who really puts their back into their work - writers, psychotherapists, executives, trainers, teachers, etc.”

Andrew Cotton

Registered Osteopath DO MICO
Andrew qualified alongside Melinda in 1989. He was for many years a senior lecturer at the British School of Osteopathy, where he was a clinic tutor, lecturer in Osteopathic Principles and Mechanics, and dissertation supervisor. He sees Osteopathy as having a great role to play in developing a national strategy for integrated healthcare, and practices on the simple premise that if a person's body is allowed to work properly, then there are very few conditions which do not respond to Osteopathic treatment. After all, the body wants to heal itself. He specialises in the difficult, the unusual and complicated, from problems with fertility all the way through life to solutions for chronic illness. He runs a specialised clinic for tension headache, and associated ENT complaints including Menieres etc. Andrew welcomes referrals from Doctors and other practitioners wanting either a second opinion or a different approach when progress is proving difficult. Check with reception regarding claims on your insurance, as BUPA and AXA no longer reimburse you for appointments with our senior practitioners.
Alex Robson
3 weeks ago
I regularly see Andrew Cotton, I first saw him several years ago for chronic facial pain which his treatments helped to manage and alleviate. He has a fantastic approach to integrated healthcare, and his treatments help the body to work properly. I would highly recommend Andy and the clinic, everyone is so friendly, a warm healing place to go when you have a problem.
cedric chapelin, osteopath at fulham osteopaths

Cedric Chapelin

Registered Osteopath BSc (Hons) Ost.
Cédric was born in France. He came to London to train and pursue a career as a dancer. It was following a knee injury that he became interested in the biomechanics of the human body. Initially he thought about becoming a physiotherapist but, luckily, because he did not have the necessary academic background he needed do some studying. This led him to the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) where he studied for the “access course” whilst also studying a massage course and working in an Osteopathic practice in North London. This combination gave him the opportunity to develop skills ahead of the 4 years degree at the BSO and his then future osteopathic career. He graduated in 2007 and was lucky to be offered a position as “Associate Osteopath” at Fulham Osteopaths the same year.
Since Joining the team Cedric has developed his skills both in Cranial and Classical Osteopathy, in which he has undertaken post-graduate courses and activities. He believes in the integration of these skills is crucial to deliver the best osteopathic care. Developing gentle technique is best for the treatment of acute symptoms, babies, pregnancy and post pregnancy. A stronger, structural approach benefits sportsmen and those seeking to improve their posture and flexibility. Both approaches can be seen as 2 ends of a scale, which enables Cedric to treat the whole family.
Cedric’s area of expertise include Sporting injury, shoulder problems, headaches and jaw pain/tension. He has experience working with recovering addicts and people with disordered eating.
Cedric also believes that osteopathic treatment is excellent for self maintenance and prevention. A monthly visit often goes a long way.

babies and children

Gentle treatment can help with good development of the musculoskeletal system, first steps, and can reduce the chance of developing scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to curve sideways.

For adults

Treatment can help with all postural stresses and strains, either caused by long hours at the desk or hard manual work.

For the elderly

Treatment can help maintain flexibility therefore increasing the quality of living that everyone should enjoy at retirement.
Cedric also works At Millennium Performing Arts, a professional musical theatre school in in South East London, promoting well being and health in dancers and singers, and also dealing with injury and rehabilitation.
This year Cedric was promoted Senior Osteopath here at FOP and Vice Principal at MPA. He likes running, yoga, cycling and general fitness. On the rare occasions that he is not busy, you might find him looking after the FO garden or tending to our orchid collection.
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Simon Brocard

Registered Osteopath M.Ost
A graduate of the British School of Osteopathy, Simon uses his natural empathy and instinct to look beyond the symptoms of pain and directly treat their cause – be this integrating the alignment of the body to work to heal itself, or targeting an area of a specific trauma. In addition to his studies at the BSO he trained in both Cranial and Classical Osteopathy. Classical Osteopathy places increased emphasis on the integration of the body as a whole, and this forms a key part of his practice. This means he has an excellent understanding of how the body can react to the stresses placed on it and how to provide the impetus required to allow it to heal itself.

Simon has a special affinity for helping over-worked, and over-stressed London professionals restore a natural rhythm within their bodies. He uses a wide range of treatment depending on what is appropriate for his patients, their lifestyle, goals, and the conditions they present with, but as a principle believes that osteopathic treatment should be a pleasant experience. He provides a gentle, yielding approach to people and their pain, working in harmony with the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself. He is also a great advocate for Osteopathy as a preventative treatment, which encourages general and systemic health.

Over the past two years, Simon has worked under the supervision of Melinda Cotton and followed courses with the British and London Schools of Osteopathy to refine his treatments to newborn babies. He also regularly teaches technique and palpation at the British School of Osteopathy and is currently completing the advanced part of his Classical Osteopathy training.
Your Name: Gary Liew Your Profession/Role Office worker Your Review/feedback; I have been having treatment from Simon Brocard for lower back and right elbow pain. I would highly recommend Simon, his treatment has been really effective helping me resume martial arts training. He has also provided me with really great advice on my posture and exercises to help. Your Rating of our services 5
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Katie Oswell

Registered Osteopath M.Ost
Katie became interested in osteopathy as a teenager, after suffering with headaches. After a few treatments, which turned into an introduction of how osteopathy approaches the body as a whole, she applied as an undergraduate at RMIT University, Melbourne. This led to a masters of Osteopathy in which Katie turned her focus to common conditions experienced during pregnancy, an interest that developed whilst working in the largest maternity hospital in Melbourne, the Royal Women's Hospital. During this time she was based on the maternity, special care and neonatal intensive care wards, gaining invaluable experience working with new mothers, newborns and premature babies.

Since relocating to London in 2010, Katie has worked in private clinics in both England and Scotland. She completed a post-graduate diploma in Paediatrics and gained further clinical experience whilst working at the Osteopathic Centre for Children. As a swimmer, and newly converted runner, Katie understands the importance of a holistic approach to sports injuries. In order to address the problem Katie focuses on hands on treatment, injury prevention, rehabilitation and integration between healthcare practitioners.

Lucy Lewis Treating Baby

Lucy Lewis

Registered Osteopath M.Ost
Lucy has worked in the field of health care for over a decade. She is passionate about finding ‘true health’ and ‘wellbeing’ for her clients.

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."

Her love of sport, yoga, and feeling the best you possibly can drives her to help others reach their goals and become pain free whether conditions are acute or chronic. Osteopathy helps improve the body’s mechanics and function which in turn prevents aches, pains and injury. Those suffering with chronic conditions often have the added complications of emotional and social factors which can present themselves as physical problems. Lucy takes time to understand her clients ‘whole story’ which she finds has very beneficial consequences for longer term results.  She treats people of all ages, with an enormous variety of conditions: adults with neck and shoulder pain, newborn babies recovering from difficult deliveries, sportsmen or women recovering from injury or an elderly person with arthritic pain.  She has completed Postgraduate training in cranial, visceral, and paediatric osteopathy. She has a specialist interest in antenatal care and hosts antenatal classes for pregnant women, as well as being a trained pregnancy yoga teacher.

Lucy Lewis graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2009. Having considered training to be a doctor, but chose a path that focused on our bodies own ability to heal using palpation and manual techniques, rather than medication and surgery, primarily because this is how she choses to treat her own body.

She loves using her experience to be able to effectively treat people of all ages, with an enormous variety of conditions: adults with neck and shoulder pain, newborn babies recovering from difficult deliveries, sportsmen or women recovering from injury or an elderly person with arthritic pain.  She combines her knowledge and experience to help all patients enjoy good function and become pain free.

Lucy uses a gentle approach of a variety of osteopathic techniques. Treatment may include massage, tissue stretching and joint mobilisation, as well as more subtle but effective cranial techniques.  She always aims to offer practical advice on day-to-day issues that may be maintaining or contributing to a patient's pain.

She believes that osteopaths have a huge advantage in being given time with their patients to provide true ‘healthcare’ and clinical skills that can address the cause of symptoms.  She aims to provide a very respectful environment for patients to discuss any concerns they may have.

Postgraduate training has been completed in cranial (Sutherland College); visceral, and paediatric osteopathy. She has a specialist interest in antenatal care and hosts antenatal classes for pregnant women, as well as being a trained pregnancy yoga teacher.
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Chiara Ribera

Registered Osteopath M.Ost
Chiara gained her Masters of Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy. Since graduating she has completed a post-graduate course in osteopathy for women’s health at the Molinari Institute of Health and attended further post-graduate training at the Sutherland Cranial College.
Chiara enjoys getting to know and understanding each individual to find a suitable approach that will help each different patient restore a healthy balance in the body and regain the ability to function in their day-to-day life. She is particularly interested in working with women to help them manage complaints associated with the hormonal cycle and changes during pregnancy and ageing.
She initially developed an interest in the functioning of the human body and its injuries during her previous career as a contemporary dancer. She continues to be fascinated by the body functioning and its ability to adapt and self-heal and how osteopathy can facilitate these processes.

Medeleine Webb, Osteopath

Madeleine is on Maternity Leave!

Madeleine Webb

Registered Osteopath M.Ost
Madeleine is a New Zealand born Osteopath who qualified from the British School of Osteopathy with Distinction. She loves her job and works hard to provide the best treatment she can for each patient, with honest advice and giving careful attention to detail.

Madeleine believes osteopathy is an excellent first port of call for any aches and pains in the body, what ever your age and occupation. One can expect a thorough examination and treatment which addresses both the symptoms and the cause of your discomfort. She is more than happy to explain the anatomy and reasoning behind her treatment and help her patients understand their own bodies better.

Madeleine has worked with a variety of patients both young and old and particularly enjoys supporting expectant mothers through their journey, especially as she is currently expecting her first baby and knows how helpful osteopathy can be during pregnancy. At Fulham Osteopaths Madeleine is privileged to be part of a team which is focused on providing care to a high standard and always puts the patient first. The practice is very much part of the Fulham community and has an excellent reputation.

If you are not sure whether Osteopathy is the right option for you, do feel free to pop in or phone to have a chat with Madeleine or one of her colleagues. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I originally saw Madeleine for back and chest pain that was quite debilitating - she really understood the pain I was having and very accurately helped me diagnose the problem and with just a few treatments I was literally pain free. Madeleine has a kind and sensitive approach to listening to her patients and helping them get to the root of the problem. I was amazed at how I felt after even our first visit. Our sessions even led me to bring my son in for treatment of ongoing issues he has had since birth and she is wonderful with him as well. He feels safe and secure with Madeleine and we both feel she understands the body functions and is able to explain and treat in a positive caring way. I would highly recommend Fulham Osteopaths and Madeleine Webb anytime.
Via Website Feedback
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Elyse Smythe

Registered Osteopath M.Ost
Elyse has always been inspired by the body and the way in which it responds to the different stresses and strains that it faces throughout life. Following this passion, she graduated from The University of Leeds with a First-class degree in Medical Science, which laid the foundations for a future career in healthcare. Seeking out a more holistic and hands-on approach to treating a patient, Elyse then looked to Osteopathy, completing a Masters in Osteopathy (MOst) from the British School of Osteopathy in London.

During her studies Elyse treated patients for 2 years in a busy general clinic, as well as specialist clinics in obstetrics, paediatrics, geriatrics, and people suffering with chronic pain. Elyse would describe herself as a general practice osteopath as she enjoys treating the whole family from expectant mums to children and the elderly. She believes that osteopathy can successfully restore a feeling of wellness to any person by supporting the body’s innate healing processes.

Elyse tailors her treatments to the individual person, in order to promote good health and prevent symptoms reoccurring. Similarly, Elyse uses a variety of techniques within treatment, guided by the patient and their unique needs. This may include soft-tissue work, joint mobilisation, gentle fascial techniques, and lifestyle or rehabilitation advice.

Growing up in London, Elyse has always been active and loves attending challenging walks and charity runs. On the weekend, she is either exploring new corners of London or escaping the hustle and bustle somewhere else in the UK!

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Suzanne Street
1 review
★★★★★ in the last week
I have been very fortunate to find such a talented and intuitive osteopath. After a horse riding accident, I had a few sessions and have experienced a deep healing of the trauma to my body. Elyse is thorough, professional and warm. I am very grateful for the quality of care I have received.