Caring for a baby with Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)

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Have a look through our reviews posted to Google. All are genuine patients and all reviews are shown. When you come for treatment you may have a different experience from that of our patients below. Every case is different, and understanding how a real person responds to treatment is a great part of our training.
You may do better, the same or not so well as our reviewers. If you have any questions we welcome a quick call and one of our osteopaths can help you deciding what treatment is right for you. Please be assured that if we think you would be better cared for by other medical discilpines we will help you with understanding your best options.
"I can't thank Melinda enough for what she's done for my son Oliver. Our first treatment was when Oliver was only 12 weeks old. He had a horribly misshapen head because he would always sleep with his head to the right. Nothing I did made him keep his head on the left. After the first session with Melinda Oliver went home & happily slept with his head on the left hand side for the first time. It was like a miracle! After a few weeks of treatment, Oliver's head shape started to improve. Ollie's now 2 & his head looks absolutely normal. Without Melinda's help Ollie would have had to wear a helmet & I found the thought of that really upsetting. I didn't previously know anything about cranial osteopathy & I was very sceptical but I really can't recommend Melinda's treatment enough."

-Jill Rolt