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Andrew and Melinda Cotton, Fulham Osteopaths
Written by: Urban Village | Posted on: | Category:

Local Bloggers Urban Village interviewed Melinda

It never fails to surprise us what a talented bunch you Fulham folks are. Each month Urban Village Ldn introduces you to THe Fulham face behind an idea, product or ...

Written by: Hanna Evans | Posted on: | Category:

Having a teen is a bit like trying to feed a tantrumming toddler. Suddenly they turn their noses up at their favourite go-to foods and start making their own choices. Instead of spitting out their food and spreading it all over the walls they have their own teenage version of refusal. They avoid calls ...

Fulham Osteopaths Press release header
Written by: Andrew Cotton | Posted on: | Category:


Recent studies conducted by Channel 4’s “Live Well for Longer” found that Osteopathic treatments can reduce pain by up to 75% through harnessing the healing abilities of the human body itself. The art utilises ...

Written by: Andrew Cotton | Posted on: | Category:

.. It's all go here at Fulham Osteopaths! We are all so excited to welcome Yan-Kei Man to the practice, a fantastic talented addition to our team. Here is a brief Bio from Yan-Kei;

Yan-Kei graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (Maidstone, UK), and obtained her Masters Degree in Osteopathy. ...

Madeleine, Osteopath with her baby
Written by: Madeleine Webb | Posted on: | Category:

Madeleine is a New Zealand born Osteopath who qualified from the British School of Osteopathy with Distinction. She loves her job and works hard to provide the best treatment she can for each patient, with honest ...

Fulham Osteopaths for health and long life!
Written by: Andrew Cotton | Posted on: | Category:

Rounded shoulders, clicking, aches and pains… these are all common (and commonly ignored) signs that something’s not quite right, but when exactly should you get help?

Osteopathic treatments have the ability to help you to relax your body, improve the movement in your joints and muscles, plus ...

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