appointments and fees for treatment at fulham osteopaths

Booking an Appointment

Angela Zanguna and Anna Harcourt our practice managers are here to help you with your enquiries. Helpful and efficient, give Angela and her team a ring to book your appointment or if you have any questions.
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opening hours

8.30 to 8.00
8.30 to 4.00
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What happens in an appointment?

First of all the osteopath needs to take your case history. The osteopath will talk to you about the problem that you have come in to consult him/her about, the symptoms, when they developed and any changes in either the symptoms or your general health since the onset of the problem. The osteopath will also ask you about your general health, any medication you take and your past medical history. This allows us to build up an "holistic" picture , looking not only at the symptoms, but also at lifestyle etc. so that we can understand why the problem has arisen. hen the osteopath needs to do an examination of your body in order to make an evaluation of your physical condition. The osteopath will look at your body, assess your posture and observe how your spine and other joints move. Any appropriate tests, such as taking your reflexes or blood pressure, will be performed, and then your osteopath will gently feel the tone of your muscles, and examine the joints of the body in order to make an holistic diagnosis. The osteopath will then discuss his or her findings with you. If it is appropriate, then you will have an osteopathic treatment on your first visit.
The first consultation is for up to one hour to enable a full case history to be taken, then a thorough examination and, if appropriate, treatment. Subsequent treatments are for approximately half an hour, but may take less or more depending on your needs.
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