malgosia zamoyska-settles, homeopath at fulham osteopaths
malgosia zamolska, homeopath at fulham osteopaths

Malgosia Zamolska

Registered Homeopath, Flower Essence Practitioner and Dowser

My name is Malgosia Zamolska-Settles (MA, MLCHom, MARH). I am a Homeopath offering treatment in Parsons Green, Fulham in South West London. And How are You?
You would probably not be looking at this website if everything was going well in your life. Perhaps you feel tired all the time or are suffering from anxiety and low confidence? And how is your sleep? Are you able to unwind after work and have a deep refreshing rest at night? What about your physical health? Maybe you are suffering from hay fever? Or perhaps your immune system is so compromised that you frequently catch colds, coughs and the flu? Or maybe you are trying to conceive but your periods are irregular and painful and you have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis?
If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place.

How can I help?
I will listen to your concerns - be they physical, mental or emotional - and consider them within your individual context. I will then choose homeopathic remedies that will address the underlying causes of your symptoms rather than suppressing them as they appear. The treatment will balance your mind and your body leaving you happier and healthier than you have felt for a long time. It will bring the spark back into your life, increase your overall energy levels and change the way you see things.

What problems can homeopathy help you with?
Many people seek homeopathic treatment to boost their immune system and to stay as healthy as possible, as prevention is better than cure... so you do not need to be ill to visit a homeopath! Homeopathy can also help with a range of other problems, both physical and emotional:
  • Emotional problems: stress, low confidence, anxiety, depression, fears, anger, exhaustion, grief or insomnia

  • Fertility and conception problems: endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polyps, PCOS or lack of ovulation

  • Hormonal imbalances: PMT, lack of periods, painful or irregular periods, endometriosis, menopause

  • Pregnancy related discomforts: morning sickness, exhaustion, varicose veins, post natal care
  • Childhood illnesses: colds and flu, glue ear, colic, asthma

  • Digestive disorder: IBS, constipation, food allergies, candida

  • Hay fever: (for more info see the winter hay fever prevention plan)

  • Musculoskeletal problems: arthritis, sports injuries, back pains, stiff muscles or broken ribs

Contact me to find out how to I can help you
I practice as a homeopath at the Fulham Osteopathic Clinic, just a 3 minute walk from Parsons Green tube station, and easily accessible from Putney, Chelsea and South Kensington in South West London.
For more information about Malgosia’s work as a homeopath and dowser visit her website:
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I was first recommended to see Malgosia in 2008. I had suffered from endometriosis since being diagnosed aged 23. I had been on the pill since then to control my symptoms and after 10 years I wanted to try a more natural approach. Malgosia has been helping me since this time to control my symptoms through homeopathy. I had always hoped to have a family at some point, but I was warned when I was initially diagnosed, that I might have difficulty falling pregnant, especially as I got older. But last September, aged 37, I was delighted to discover I was pregnant. Malgosia continued to support me with homeopathy and supplements through the pregnancy and my beautiful daughter, Lily, was born 4 months ago. I truly feel that without Malgosia's help, Lily wouldn't be here today and I will always be extremely grateful.