massage at fulham osteopaths

Massage at Fulham Osteopaths

Maite Delafin is a qualified massage therapist in both sports and remedial therapy, as well as pregnancy massage. She is currently training as a part-time student in Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy. Her interest in the body stems from her previous career as a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher and she carries over her experiential and theatrical knowledge to treat the body. Her training as a dance, massage therapist and her ongoing studies in Osteopathy directly inform her technique, observation and palpation to look at the body in a holistic way. Maite is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.

During pregnancy treatments, Maite's utmost concern is for the safety of both mother and child, and ensures safe positioning with pillows and drapings. Her practice consists of using gentle, strategic massage techniques on soft tissue, which contributes to relaxation, lymphatic drainage, decreasing anxiety/stress, improved mood, ability to sleep, and circulation, as well as preparing the body for birth. Maite also holds in high regard the need for expectant mothers to have a relaxing, pampering experience.
Please note: Pregnancy massage will only be offered to clients in their second and third trimester, and a GP/Midwife note will be needed that states there are no apparent medical constraints or concerns to clients receiving massage.

Sports and Remedial massage treatments are of benefit to myriad of clients, from athletes wishing to treat injury, and/or boost performance and extend their overall sporting careers, to office workers leading a more sedentary, repetitive-motion lifestyle. Each session begins with an assessment to determine if massage is an appropriate course of treatment to patients' musculoskeletal injury, or generalised discomfort. Each treatment will be bespoke, and integrate a range of soft tissue manipulations, which will improve range of movement, muscular tension, and increase circulation to encourage recovery, as well as working to prevent injury. Each session will also focus on client's posture and mobility.
Maite Delafin, Massage Therapist