KMI at fulham osteopaths

KMI at Fulham Osteopaths

KMI uses movement and manipulation to free and lengthen the body to give long term relief from pain and improve posture. It works with the connective tissue system (fascia)  which encases the muscles,  makes up the joints and changes how our the overall body functions in gravity.

Within one or two sessions clients can get relief and feel posture changes from i.e. joint pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or back problems caused by an imbalance in the connective tissue lines like those shown in the picture.

There are series of 4 to 12 sessions which can cover the entire body including the neck and face to give long lasting results where your body changes and integrates long after the sessions have finished.  It makes a perfect compliment to Osteopathy or alternative to approaches where problems haven't been resolved.
KMI certified practitioners employ a wide vocabulary of touch and movement via a thorough understanding of the Anatomy Trains concept, which provides a clarifying map for analyzing whole-body soft-tissue patterns, and guides the application of techniques in treatment for the entire library of KMI manual therapy.

Help With...

  • fibromyalgia
  • work on fascia
  • chronic fatigue
  • back pain
  • better posture
fascial structure
Sean has has been practicing KMI since 2006 and has had many successful results with athletes, kids, celebrities , dancers and many who have had overcame problems that cause pain, discomfort and inhibit performance. He now analyses walking patterns and uses new movement techniques from standing and lunging positions to create faster results. Find out more about Sean and KMI at
I have overcome an acute frozen shoulder as well as many chronic aches and pains with Sean's treatments. I now feel more aligned and energized.
Sinitta* (X Factor and Loose Women)

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